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The following allied families are in our direct Boettcher ancestry: Schramm, Allmer, Schorzmann (Schortzmann), Sperr, Laitenberger, Seuffer, Theurer, Schwenk, Ringle, Ade, Ebinger, Fandrich (Wandry), Hoffmann, Ehrmann, Strieb, Haug (Hauck), Schmidt, Knoertzer, Strueber, Boschitzky (Boschatzke), Boepple, Fritz, Mueller-Bader, Suess, Feuerbacher, Anhorn, Lutz, Schaupp, Frey, Graf, Benz, von Ohlhausen (von Olnhausen), Gruen, Mueller

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Samuel Boettcher Family - Manuscript of Birth Records for Emigration

When Samuel Boettcher, his wife Anna Maria and their children emigrated from Romania in 1898, they brought with them a record of their children's births, as proof of Romanian citizenship.  Below are scans of this old document. 
It records the family as follows:

Extract from the Birth Register of the Baptist Parish of Catalui, Romania

The subject Samuel Boettcher and his wife Maria Boettcher (born Sperr) had the following children born and registered here in the parish birth register:

1.  On 20 Oct. 1877, a son with the name "Johann"
2.  On 15 Oct. 1880, a 2nd son with the name "Martin"
3.  On 22 Nov. 1882, a 3rd son with the name "Andreas"
4.  On 20 Feb. 1885, a daughter with the name "Anna"
5.  On 7 Jan. 1888, a 2nd daughter with the name "Susanna"
6.  On 20 May. 1890, a 3rd daughter with the name "Lena"
7.  On 19 Nov. 1892, a 4th daughter with the name "Maria"
8.  On 12 or 24 Jun. 1897, a 5th daughter with the name "Sofia"

In another handwriting and pencil is written:

Wilhelmine, born Oct. 1879, died 6 Nov. 1879.
Elisabeth, born 26 Jan. 1895, died 8 Nov. 1895.

On the back of the manuscript, is a testimony by Pastor Martin Issler, that the record is accurate.  It is dated 23 April 1898 and has the seal of Baptist Church in Catalui. 

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