Allied Families

The following allied families are in our direct Boettcher ancestry: Schramm, Allmer, Schorzmann (Schortzmann), Sperr, Laitenberger, Seuffer, Theurer, Schwenk, Ringle, Ade, Ebinger, Fandrich (Wandry), Hoffmann, Ehrmann, Strieb, Haug (Hauck), Schmidt, Knoertzer, Strueber, Boschitzky (Boschatzke), Boepple, Fritz, Mueller-Bader, Suess, Feuerbacher, Anhorn, Lutz, Schaupp, Frey, Graf, Benz, von Ohlhausen (von Olnhausen), Gruen, Mueller

Monday, April 23, 2012

Latest Y-DNA test results for the Boettcher Y-DNA Project.

Attached are the latest results of our Boettcher Y-DNA Project.  So far, we have not found any new connections to the Boettcher family of Paris, Bessarabia.  However, we recently helped connect 2 branches of the Beresan District Bettger family. 

Our sample size is still small, and we are continuing to solicit participants for this project.  If you are male with surname Boettcher or a variant spelling, please contact us to find out more!   

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  1. Hello, I would like to participate in this project, my name is Romulo Bettcher,'m from Brazil and here there are many Bettcher. I would like to get in touch with me to learn more of my family of origin. thank you.

    Email contact.
    facebook and Twitter is: RomuloBettcher

  2. Hello, I am interested in your project. My name is Gavin Betker, and I live in Manitoba Canada. Our Betker lineage traces as far back as Saskatchewan in the early 1900's, but we don't know much before that. My paternal great grandfather's name was Alexander (Sandy) Betker. He married Wilhelmina Cristofel. We have been told that he came to Saskatchewan from the USA, which sounds like it fits with some of what has been written here on this site.