Allied Families

The following allied families are in our direct Boettcher ancestry: Schramm, Allmer, Schorzmann (Schortzmann), Sperr, Laitenberger, Seuffer, Theurer, Schwenk, Ringle, Ade, Ebinger, Fandrich (Wandry), Hoffmann, Ehrmann, Strieb, Haug (Hauck), Schmidt, Knoertzer, Strueber, Boschitzky (Boschatzke), Boepple, Fritz, Mueller-Bader, Suess, Feuerbacher, Anhorn, Lutz, Schaupp, Frey, Graf, Benz, von Ohlhausen (von Olnhausen), Gruen, Mueller

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Germantown Baptist Church -

Germantown Baptist Church, Wells County, North Dakota
photograph from State Historical Society of North Dakota (00739-v2-p37e)

Our Ehrmann (Erman) and Boepple (Pepple) families were members of the First German Baptist Church of Carrington, North Dakota in 1884.  It was founded by Rev. J. F. Grimmell, Christian Albus Sr. deacon and wife, Christian Albus Jr. Secretary and wife, Samuel Piedt and wife and dau, William Wendtland and wife, Mrs. Franz Albus, Mrs. John Pepple (Böpple), Mrs. Peter Seibold and Christina Edinger (later md. Shaible) baptized same day, and August Leibig (the former pastor in Cataloi).  In 1892, its members moved to Germantown Township in Wells County and built a new church named the Germantown Baptist Church.  The church building is gone today, however, there is a marker with the following inscription:

"This church was formally organized November 2, 1884 by German settlers who came from Catalui, Romania.  Later more German settlers from Romania and South Russia added to its membership.  This church served as a religious and social center in the community for many years.  Its influence cannot be measured by mortal words.  It came to be know as the church by the highway.  The surrounding community is yet farmed and owned by descendants of these hardy industrious people.  May this marker serve as a reminder of their sacrifice and dedication.  

'The place whereon you stand is holy ground.' Acts 7:33"

Monday, April 23, 2012

Latest Y-DNA test results for the Boettcher Y-DNA Project.

Attached are the latest results of our Boettcher Y-DNA Project.  So far, we have not found any new connections to the Boettcher family of Paris, Bessarabia.  However, we recently helped connect 2 branches of the Beresan District Bettger family. 

Our sample size is still small, and we are continuing to solicit participants for this project.  If you are male with surname Boettcher or a variant spelling, please contact us to find out more!   

Click to view larger and then download by right-clicking.

Böttcher Families of Bessarabia (Kulm, Leipzig, Tarutino and Beresina)

My friend Armin Zimmermann has just recently published an extensive descendancy of the Bessarabian Böttcher families from the villages of Kulm, Leipzig, Tarutino and Beresina. 

You can visit this fantastic resource here:

Please honor his copyright. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

1940 U.S. Federal Census - Sam & Esther Bettcher in Long Prairie, Minnesota

The recently released U.S. Federal Census for 1940 shows Samuel and Esther Bettcher living in Long Prairie, Todd County, Minnesota.   Sam was a partner in the Bettcher-Schrupp Machine Shop.  Their children Kenneth and LaVaughn are listed, as well as Esther's mother, Ida Gerlach Beutler. 

Click image to enlarge
1940 US Census, Long Prairie, Minnesota - Samuel & Esther Bettcher Family

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Friedrich Boepple's first wife, Dorothea Stiefel, death 1840, Teplitz

Friedrich Boepple was first married to Dorothea Stiefel. She died on 21 Mar 1840 at Teplitz, Bessarabia.  The cause of breath was Engbrustigkeit, or "tightness of chest" often equated to Asthma.  She was 31 years old. 

Arzis Parish Register, 1840 Deaths (Teplitz)

Monday, October 31, 2011

Christian Ehrmann and Beata Boschitzky, children by first marriages

Christian Ehrmann and his first wife, Dorothea Schnepf, had a daughter Wilhelmine born on 5 Jul 1834 at Brienne, Bessarabia.  She was also baptized on 5 Jul, the godparents being Johann Hannemann, Wilhelmine Hannemann and Marianna Tietz.

Christian's future second wife, Beata Boschitzky, is also on this same page.  She and her first husband, Martin Hinz had a daughter Elisabeth born on 14 Jun 1834 at Brienne, Bessarabia.  She was baptized on 22 Jun, the godparents being Martin Richter, Maria Richter and Anna Rosina Zielmann. 

Arzis Parish Register, 1834 Births / Baptisms for Brienne

Samuel Ehrman & Catharina Seibold - marriage 1868, Arzis

Samuel Ehrmann's first marriage was to Catharina Seibold, on 8 Feb 1868, at Arzis, Bessarabia.   Samuel married a second time to Anna Maria Boepple, about 1872, in Cataloi, Dobruja, Romania. 

Arzis Parish Register, 1868 Marriages

Monday, October 17, 2011

Margaretha (Schwenk) Sperr, died 1833, Odessa City, Bessarabia

Margaretha Sperr (nee Schwenk) died at Odessa City, Russian Empire on 6 Mar 1833 at age 44 years, 7 months, 22 days.  She died of "Nervenfieber" (nervous fever, which is typhoid). 
The death record notes that her husband, Philipp Sperr, was a Wuerttemberger emigrant.  They may have been in Odessa to seek medical care.  A note on the right side states that a death certificate was issued on 13 Mar 1833.  The other entries on the same page note "allhier" for people who lived in Odessa; this is not the case for the Sperrs, so they must have lived elsewhere (supposedly Friedensthal, Bessarabia).

She was born to Johannes Schwenk and Johanna Maria Ade in Rielingshausen, Wuerttemberg and baptized on 14 Jul 1788. 

She had married Philipp Sperr on 22 Nov 1815 at Rielingshausen.  After her death, Philipp Sperr, remained in Friedensthal, Bessarabia and remarried.   

Odessa Parish Register, 1833 Deaths
(click for larger image)

Johann Christian Ehrmann & Beata Boschitzky - marriage 1838 Alt Arzis

Johann Christian Ehrmann, son of Johann Melchior Ehrmann & Margaretha Elisabeth Haug, married Beata Boschitzky, widow of Martin Hinz of Alt Elft, on 6 Oct 1838 at Alt Arzis by Pastor Hastig.  Beata's first husband, Martin Hinz, had died on 3 Sep 1836 at Brienne (he was 40 years old and born in Poland). 

Arzis Parish Register, Marriages 1838

Johann Christian Ehrmann and Beata Boschitzky Hinz had a child before they married.  His name was Johann and he was born on 14 Apr 1838 at Brienne.  He was baptized on 24 Apr 1838 at Arzis, the godparents being Daniel Jans, Christoph Klein and Rosina Littau.  

It is interesting to note that we believe Beata Boschitzky was the sister to Louisa Boschitzky, who married Christoph Klein of Paris.  The fact that Christoph was a godparent to this illegitimate son, supports this theory. 

Arzis Parish Register, Births / Baptisms 1838

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sam Bettcher in Long Prairie, Minnesota

My grandfather, Samuel Andrew Bettcher and his family lived in Long Prairie, Minnesota before moving to the Twin Cities. 

He ran a blacksmith and machine shop in Long Prairie with Schrupp.  He later bought out Schrupp.  Here's some of their advertisements:

Friday, October 14, 2011

Beata Boschitzky, first husband Martin Hinz

Before marrying Johann Christian Ehrmann, Beata Boschitzky (or Boschatzke) was married to Martin Hinz.  They had a daughter born 14 Jun 1834 at Brienne, Bessarabia. She was baptized 22 Jun 1834 at Arzis, the godparents being Martin Richter, Maria Richter and Anna Rosina Kielmann. 

Arzis Parish Records, 1834 Births / Baptisms

Martin Hinz died at age 40, on 3 Sep 1836 at Brienne, Bessarabia.

Arzis Parish Records, 1836 Deaths

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Philipp Sperr, second marriage 1834 to Christiana Barbara Schorr

After the death of his first wife, Margaretha Schwenk, Philipp Sperr married a second time, to Christiana Barbara Schorr, daughter of Balthasar Schorr.  They were married on 26 May 1834 at Friedensthal, Bessarabia by Pastor Williams.  The record notes that they were both born in Wuerttemberg and that Philipp's father was Johann Michael Sperr.

Arzis Parish Church Registers, 1834 Friedensthal Marriages

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Gottfried Boettcher birth, 1834, Paris

Gottfried Boettcher was the son of Michael Boettcher and Anna Katharina Schramm. He was born on 28 Aug 1834 and was baptized 5 Sep 1834 at Paris, Bessarabia.  The page with godparents appears to be missing.

Alt Elft Parish Register, 1834 Paris Births/Baptisms

Anna Luise Boettcher, birth and death 1833

Anna Luise Boettcher, daughter of Michael Boettcher and Anna Katharina Schramm, was born on 12 Jan 1833, baptized on 13 Jan 1833.  The godparents at her baptism were Jacob Mueller and Katharina Kolkoske.  Anna Luise died at 12 days old on 24 Jan 1833.

Alt Elft Parish Register, 1833 Paris Births/Baptisms

Alt Elft Parish Register, 1833 Paris Deaths

Eva Boettcher marriage to Johann Ott, 1845 Paris

Eva Boettcher was the daughter of Michael Boettcher and Anna Katharina Schramm.  She was born on 18 Mar 1822 at Paris and was married to Johann Ott on 5 Jul 1845 at Paris, Bessarabia.  Here you see her name spelled "Böttger"; we see our Boettcher name spelled many different way and are not sure how our ancestors spelled it in Paris.  The various pastors that recorded the event also spelled names the way they were used to, which may not have been how the family spelled it.

Alt Elft Parish Register, 1845 Paris Marriages

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Bettcher Ancestral Villages in Bessarabia

German colonies were first founded in Bessarabia in 1814.  Our ancestors settled in the following villages and years:

Year               Village             Family
1814               Kulm                  Wandry (Fandrich), Hoffmann
1816               Paris                  Boettcher, Schramm
1817               Teplitz               Boepple, Lutz, Benz,
1817               Brienne              Wandry (Fandrich)
bef 1834          Brienne             Ehrmann
1832               Friedenstal         Sperr
April 1843       Paris                 Allmer

This map of the German colonies in Bessarabia was created by Armin Zimmermann. I have highlighted our family villages in yellow. His original can be found here:

Here is a detailed map of the same area:

Friday, October 7, 2011

Newly Extracted Dobruja / Dobrudscha Records

Below are some records recently extracted by Gary Bettcher and Andrew Barrett-Bettcher from the Galatz German Lutheran Church Books, from 1857-1871.  The Galatz pastors recorded some births and marriages that had occured in Dobruja, specifically Atmagea, Cataloi, Ciucurova and Tulcea.  We have never seen these records before, and make them available to those folks researching Dobrudschadeutschen. 

LDS Microfilm 1270535; Evangelical Lutheran Church Books 1856-1921, Partial Extractions - Births / Baptisms from Dobruja. 


2 Jun 186223 Jun 1862Wilhelmina Rebtatzky (Radetzky?)Peter Rebtatzky, colonist; Helena geb. TaeschnerPeter Kandt, Frau Maria Elisabetha Kandt, Wilhelmina Wagner
25 Jul 186231 Jul 1862Jakob RustLudwig Rust, colonist; Elisabetha geb. KaiserMichael Wagner, Philipp Hauk, Frau Katharina Jung
12 Oct 186216 Oct 1862Helena HinzMichael Hinz, colonist; Susanna geb. KuehnKarl Schielke, Helena Hinz, Rosina Schoenen
29 Jul 18622 Aug 1862Christian HinzWilhelm Hinz, colonist; Juliana geb. PittChristian Krauss, August Kandt, Frau Luisa Hinz
27 Oct 18621 Nov 1862Jakob HaukPhilipp Hauk, colonist; Karolina geb. RustMichael Wagner, Jakob Rust, Frau Luisa Rust
4 Nov 186210 Nov 1862Justina FeignerAndreas Feigner, colonist; Katharina geb. GebhardtKarl Weber, Frau Susanna Krauss, Maria Elisabeth Kandt
25 Nov 186230 Nov 1862Christian AdamJohann Adam, colonist; Elisabetha geb. MehrerGottlob Hinz, Christian Fandrich, Frau Helena Hinz
14 Dec 186219 Dec 1862August KandtGottlieb Kandt, colonist; Friederika geb. FandrichAugust Kandt, Daniel Martin, Frau Katharina Koehls
1 Jan 18634 Jan 1863Daniel SchielkeChristoph Schielke, colonist; Christina geb. FechnerFriedrich Berndt (?), Christian Fandrich (ledig), Frau Rosina Schoenen
5 Jan 18636 Jan 1863Karolina KruegerJohann Krueger, colonist; Luisa geb. FehlingerGottlieb Fandrich, Andreas Brunesky, Frau Elisabetha Brunesky
7 Apr 18637 Apr 1863Karl RohdeSamuel Rohde, colonist; Maria geb. KruegerJohann Krueger, Karl Schielke, Frau Susanna Kraussbaptized by Lehrer Schielke
15 Jan 186318 Jun 1863Katharina SchielkeKarl Schielke, colonist; Karolina geb. KuehnChristian Fandrich, Frau Susanna Hinz, Frau Karolina Koehls
12 Jul 186313 Jul 1863Christina MartinDaniel Martin, colonist; Magdalena geb. PohlJakob Martin, Wilhelmine Martin (single), Christina Kuehn (single)baptized by Lehrer Schielke
2 Feb 18635 Jan 1863Jakob WendlandWilhelm Wendland, colonist; Maria geb. SchilkeJakob Fachner, Wilhelm Martin, Luisa Rust
9 Sep 186313 Sep 1863Christoph HinzGeorg Hinz, colonist; Helena geb. TetzlaffChristoph Schielke, Christian Fandrey (single), Frau Eva Kaisnerbaptized by Lehrer Schielke
12 Mar 186315 Mar 1863Karl BruneskyAndreas Brunesky, colonist; Christina BruneskyKarl Schielke, Peter Kandt, Katharina Kandt
29 Oct 18631 Dec 1863Michael LockAdam Lock, colonist; Rosina geb. PriessJakob Rust, Joseph Kaisner (single), Frau Eva Kaisnerbaptized by Lehrer Schielke
29 Mar 186329 Mar 1863Michael KaisnerMichael Kaisner, colonist; Eva geb. Link (?)Michael Wagner, Elisabetha Wagner, Katharina Koehls
13 Nov 186315 Nov 1863Christian KohlsMartin Kohls, colonist; Carolina geb. SchielkeKarl Schielke, Joseph Kaisner (single), Wilhelmina Kandtbaptized by Lehrer Schielke
29 Nov 18636 Dec 1863Christian RuffJakob Ruff, colonist; Christina geb. FandreyChristian Fandrey (single), Christoph Rust, Wilhelmine Kandtbaptized by Lehrer Schielke
9 Dec 186310 Dec 1863Christian KrausseChristian Krausse, colonist; Susanna geb. PittKarl Schielke, August Kandt, Frau Karolina Hinzbaptized by Lehrer Schielke
9 Jan 186410 Jan 1864Anna Justina HinzWilhelm Hinz, colonist; Juliana geb. PittGottlieb Hinz, Susanna Hinz, Karolina Hinzbaptized by Lehrer Schielke


BirthBaptismInfantFather; MotherGodparentsNotes
29 Jun 18571 Jul 1857Magdalena NagelGeorg Nagel, colonist Cataloi, Bulgaria; Christina geb LutzJakob Nagel, Carolina Peplo (?), Magdalena Tietzbaptized by Thomas Lutz
15 Jul 186319 Jul 1863Thomas LutzThomas Lutz, colonist; Anna Maria geb. SeiboldFriedrich Seibold, Friedrich Poeple, Rosina Hutt (?)baptized by Stephan Binder, Lehrer
2 Oct 18635 Oct 1863Wilhelmina NagelGeorg Nagel, colonist; Wilhelmine geb. ArndtChristian Adam, Wilhelmine Arndt, Luisa Arndtbaptized by Stephan Binder, Lehrer
25 Oct 186328 Oct 1863Johannes PittSamuel Pitt, colonist; Karolina geb. PoepleJohannes Ptt, Johannes Poeple, Fredericke Pittbaptized by Stephan Binder, Lehrer
22 May 186324 May 1863Rosina MeierChristian Meier, colonist; Christina geb. SchwartzThomas Lutz, Rosina Adam, Karolina Reichenbergbaptized by Stephan Binder, Lehrer
14 Oct 186218 Oct 1862Gottlieb LutzJakob Lutz, colonist; Anna Maria geb. KraussGottlieb Krauss, Johann Pople, Friedericka Pittbaptized by Thomas Lutz
21 Nov 186224 Nov 1862Thomas SeiboldJohann Georg Seibold, colonist; Henriette geb. WehrThomas Lutz, Johann Kaisner, Helena Seiboldbaptized by Stephan Binder, Lehrer
15 Feb 186316 Feb 1863Johann Georg ArndtFriedrich Arndt, colonist; Wilhelmine geb. ZuckertJohann Georg Nagel, Stephan Binder, Maria Kaisnerbaptized by Stephan Binder, Lehrer
21 Mar 186324 Mar 1863Wilhelmina AdamChristian Adam, colonist; Rosina geb. PittGottlieb Krauss, Karolina Pitt, Fredericka Pittbaptized by Stephan Binder, Lehrer
17 Jun 186224 Jun 1862Johann SeiboldJakob Seibold, colonist; Helena geb. AdamJohann Adam, Georg Seibold, Karolina SeiboldBorn Trigkuli, Moldau; baptized by Christian Ehrmann, Kolonist
26 Jun 186230 Jun 1862Christina NagelJakob Nagel, colonist; ? geb. MükFriedrich Radtke (Katholic), T. Schubert, Christian Waderhut (?)Born Pilenia, Moldau; baptized by Ludwig Kotke, Kolonist
2 Apr 18634 Apr 1863Christian NitschkeHeinrich Nitschke, colonist; Elisabetha geb. VetterKarl Arndt, Christoph Ponto, Elisabetha ArndtBorn Grundauers Tag (?); baptized by Ed. Neumeister, Pfarrer


BirthBaptismInfantFather; MotherGodparentsNotes
9 May 186211 May 1862Johann RothJohann Roth, Colonist Ciucurova; Christina SperrJohann Walter, Gustav Holberg, Christina Alperichbaptized by Lehrer Muhlbach
25 Jun 186229 Jun 1862Adolf BlumhagenJoachim Blumhagen; Christina MaierJohann Martin, Ferdinand Baier, Betha Baier, baptized by Lehrer Muhlbach
30 Nov 18627 Dec 1862Ferdinand MartinJohann Martin; Julia SchertFerdinand Blumhagen, Johann Maier, Wilhelmine Martinbaptized by Lehrer Muhlbach
22 Dec 186225 Dec 1862Maria BernetErdmann Bernet; Louisa BüttnerKarolina Blumhagen, Wilhelmina Büttner, Friedrich Frankbaptized by Lehrer Muhlbach
8 Mar 18639 Mar 1863Johann SuckertGottlieb Suchert; Eva ZihlJohann Martin, Johann Maier, Augustina Baierbaptized by Lehrer Muhlbach
23 Apr 186326 Apr 1863Ferdinand August SchusslerAugust Schussler, colonist; Wilhelmine geb. SperrFerdinand Baier, Ferdinand Blumhagen, Wilhelmine Rothbaptized by Lehrer Muhlbach
10 Apr 186215 Apr 1862Rosa FrankFriedrich Frank; Wilhelmina KranichLouisa Brandenburger, Henrietta Fächner, Jakob Maierbaptized by Lehrer Muhlbach
29 Apr 186330 Apr 1863Wilhelm Johannes ZeihlChristoph Zeihl, colonist; Wilhelmine geb. RiesWilhelm Blumhagen, Johannes Maier, Julianna Martinbaptized by Lehrer Muhlbach
1 Oct 18634 Oct 1863Wilhelm PontoGottlieb Ponto, colonist; Maria geb. BlumhagenWilhelm Blumhagen, Christian Ponto, Anna Blumhagenbaptized by Lehrer Muhlbach
9 Nov 186315 Nov 1863Martin DermannGeorg Dermann, colonist; Anna geb. HolzFriedrich Frank, Carolina Blumhagen, Wilhelmina Frankbaptized by Lehrer Muhlbach
11 Mar 187121 Apr 1871Maria Magdalena BayerRudolf Baier, colonist in Ciucurova, Turkey; Wilhelmine RothWilhelmina Kunz, Friedrich Roth, Anna Dermann


BirthBaptismInfantFather; MotherGodparentsNotes
27 Apr 185827 May 1858Johanna Louisa NeubauerChristian Neubauer, shoemaker at Tulcea; Karolina GrüningenAdam Kain, Tuldscha, Frau Maria Knodel, Johann Gottlieb Knodel
25 Jun 185625 Jun 1856Johann Conrda MückChristian Mück, colonist Tulcea; Eva GrünJohann Siebold, Johann Radetsky, Margaretha Grünbaptized by Thomas Lutz, Kolonist in Anschelar in Bessarabia, now in Bulgaria
21 Oct 18626 Apr 1863Ludwig Gottlieb NeumannGustav Neumann, missionary at Tulcea; Anna geb. FeischnerLudwig Sch… (?),  Gottlob Feischner widower, Ed. NeumeisterBorn in Tulcea; baptized by Ed. Neumeister, Pfarrer
3 Jan 185711 Jan 1857Katherina RadetskyJohann Radetsky, colonist Bulgaria; Katherina geb GrünJakob Lutz, Wilhelmine Radetsky, Margareth Grünbaptized by Thomas Lutz, Kolonist in Anschelar in Bessarabia, now in Bulgaria

LDS Microfilm 1270534; Evangelical Lutheran Church Books 1856-1921, Partial Extractions - Marriages from Dobruja. 

DatePlaceGroomGroom's FatherBrideBride's FatherWitnessesNotes
2 Apr 1863Ciucurova, BulgariaFerdinand BlumhagenJoachim BlumhagenAnna Maria MaierJohannes Maier, colonist CiucurovaJohann Roth, Johann Martin, Erdmann BrauerPastor Neumeister at Ciucurova
10 Feb 1862JakobsonsthalGeorg Hinz, colonist Atmagea, BulgariaLouisa TetzlaffWilhelm Hinz, Atmagea; Jakob Schlüski, Jakobsonsthal